Bridge the gap between the Market, and the Data

We’re experiencing unprecedented numbers in Unemployment yet some companies and the financial markets have experienced a “Quick V.”

P360 helps makes sense of the information available to help portfolio lenders better anticipate performance.

Bridging the gap includes concepts such as will unemployment numbers really “act’ like the unemployment numbers? With government and Fed interactions aimed at stabilizing the economy and helping companies and individuals, what is the net effect? How should this information be interpreted and utilized by your institution?

Live Modeling has enabled P360 clients to ‘get ahead of the curves’ with Mosaic’s COVID-19 Economic Scenario.

We all anticipated that March numbers were not going to portray the most likely, or actual performance risk in the world in which we live. Data was largely not available. Charts and graphs and data sources were scarce.

P360 developed an economic scenario in order to help lenders better anticipate loan loss, thus solving for CECL and more importantly, creating a short to medium term plan by implementing the COVID-19 model.

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