About Us

Our objective is to simplify loan risk and reporting by
transforming data into actionable intelligence

P360 is Loan Intelligence

We anticipated the need to create an Intelligent Environment for the ever increasing amount of loan data generated by lenders, servicers and borrowers.

Our Mosaic software aggregates disparate data to construct a complete picture, much like tiles in a Mosaic. It is the culmination of 2 decades of loan risk auditing and 3 generations of software development, including the industry’s premier, and first web-based due diligence solution.

We believe that everyone should have a 360 degree view of their loan portfolio, which is the founding principle of P360.

Our expertise in underwriting, expected loss modeling, and loan level due diligence drives innovation as we leverage technology to bridge the gap between data and actionable information.

P360 provides an Intelligent Environment for lenders and investors to better understand loan risk and performance.


To make loan risk monitoring available for everyone, no matter their institution's size or strength.

P360 is dedicated to improving our community's knowledge base by empowering our clients to reach new levels of insight.

We achieve this by increasing global data literacy which is consistent with our innovative nature, and our goal of helping people understand that intelligent data is the core of useful information.

We feel that everybody should have access to the very best tools to help them succeed.


To simplify loan risk and reporting by transforming data into actionable intelligence.

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