Simple CECL

A simple and affordable solution for Expected Loss

CECL Solution

Simple CECL provides a forward-looking reserve allowance that identifies risk at the loan level, plus a methodology that complies with regulatory requirements.

Clients benefit from this unique, streamlined solution by taking advantage of Mosaic’s mature loss modeling tools that have been vetted by top accounting firms and tested thru multiple NCUA audits.

  • Loan Level Expected Loss
  • Zero Implementation
  • Zero Data Privacy Issues - No sensitive data required.
  • Instant Results

Simply upload your loan information get your reserves.

CECL Expected Loss Model

Flexible AICPA Reporting Methods

  • Vintage and Static Pool Analysis
  • Discounted Cashflow, Roll Rate Methods
  • Regression Analysis, Probability of Default

Predict risk utilizing Mosaic’s Loan Level regression analysis model.

Vetted and approved by Grant Thornton and NCUA Audit Tested.

Accelerate your CECL preparation

P360 offers a simple but advanced Loan Level CECL solution that streamlines and improve your expected loss operations.

Get configurable, intelligent and secure data solutions to manage expected loss methodologies instantly, with ease.

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